You might be wondering why we, as a couple, have put so much effort into creating this website. The answer is complex and requires some insight into our personal history.

I have lived my entire life in Calmbach and have always been an unusual child with a strong understanding of technical and physical interconnections. Yet, in many areas of life, there were always challenges and problems.

In 2016, I met my wife. Early on, she warned me that she often gets sick.

Half a year later, in the 21st week of pregnancy, we lost our daughter. In this tragedy, my wife nearly died from HELLP syndrome, a rare event that even the doctors in the hospital had only experienced twice in 12 years.

Our relationship was marked by many problems and seemingly pointless arguments that we couldn't rationally explain afterwards.

Over seven years, my wife consulted more than ten specialists and hospitals, often including intensive care units.

I also suffered from shingles, erysipelas, and mental health issues, particularly affecting my short-term memory. My wife had to remind me of everyday things daily, which made me think of Alzheimer's.

After moving to our own house in Calmbach and initially experiencing stress in our company, which soon subsided, our health nevertheless continued to deteriorate.

During the first COVID lockdown, we developed flu-like symptoms; I had a high fever for two weeks, even though all COVID tests were negative. Nevertheless, we did not recover, and our health continued to worsen.

Since we often fell ill at the same time, but with different symptoms and found no medical help, we started looking for environmental factors as the cause.

Five years later, we discovered that the air we breathed was the problem.

We first thought of an isolated problem at our home and therefore used industrial filters to clean the air, unknowingly improving air quality beyond that of the outside air. Not only did our current illnesses disappear, but lifelong symptoms and problems as well. Even things we had not previously considered unusual changed for the better.

These changes were so profound that we could hardly believe it ourselves. Something as fundamental as the air we breathe and the wrong handling of it in buildings had far-reaching effects on our health.

To share this realization, we created this website. We want to show that the air we breathe affects every person and that everyone can achieve significant improvement with little effort.