It seems unlikely that two people from a small town, without any prior interest in air quality, could have made such discoveries. But do not be deceived.

History has shown that many of mankind's most important discoveries were made by chance. For instance, Marie Curie accidentally discovered the dangers of radioactivity but ultimately paid for it with her life.

We nearly died in our own house several times over the past five years. My wife was in the hospital countless times, several times in intensive care.

Our daughter was less fortunate in 2016 and passed away after an emergency cesarean section in the 21st week of pregnancy. However, the coincidence necessary for our discoveries is remarkable.

My wife, born in Poland, was constantly ill, but a clear diagnosis was never made. At the age of 12, she came to Germany. At that time, I myself was struggling with unusual problems in school, such as constant fatigue and memory disorders, even though my grades were good.

My wife frequently changed jobs, but performed excellently everywhere. Her urge for change contrasted with my more static life. She went through life with open arms; I was the shy loner. Both highly intelligent, yet as different as can be. My wife is highly sensitive to environmental pollutants, a realization that came to her late. I fluctuated between extreme tiredness and days of high intelligence, where I achieved top grades in vocational school without studying.

My wife experienced many relationships, while I had no girlfriend until the age of 36. Then I met her and fell in love at first sight. What followed was a turbulent life that many relationships would not have survived. Despite the death of our daughter and constant health problems, we always found our way back to each other. Our bad days occurred simultaneously, albeit with different symptoms. My analytical skills and her sensitivity to environmental influences helped us recognize patterns, the causes of which we initially could not assign.

In these five years, we oscillated between excellent health and imminent death from unexplained illnesses. We began to explore environmental factors. Our house became a field of experimentation, thanks to our financial means and available time.

Unlike specialized scientists, we were not limited by preconceived knowledge. We combined insights from various fields such as sports medicine, nutrition, chemistry, environmental technology, and psychology in a new way and discovered common intersections.

Thus, we accidentally discovered high NO2 levels and other air pollutants in our house.

Our house has a unique geographical location in Germany, at the intersection of three valleys. Air pollutants concentrate here, regardless of the wind direction. While others in the area developed chronic diseases, including cancer, the concentration of pollutants was higher in our house. This enabled us to establish the connection with environmental pollutants.

Had we not been together or with other partners, this realization would have been impossible. Our similar sensitivity, but different symptoms, led us to this discovery.

We now both react highly sensitively to these substances and detect them faster than measuring devices. Our observations and conversations confirmed our worst fears. Scientific studies also support our theories. People unknowingly poison themselves in indoor spaces.

Since our realization, we have been able to help many people significantly improve their health by improving the ventilation of indoor spaces. Even those who already practiced regular ventilation were amazed by the changes that became possible with our background knowledge of airflows in buildings.

These experiences have shown us how important it is to take environmental factors and their impact on our health seriously. We have learned that even seemingly insignificant details can play a major role and that awareness and knowledge about them can be lifesaving.

Our journey has taught us that each of us, regardless of our background or past, has the opportunity to discover and understand important things. It often only takes an open mind and the willingness to think outside the box to uncover the hidden connections in our environment and in our lives.