Our Story

The air we breathe affects everyone - it can heal as well as harm, sometimes obviously, sometimes unnoticed. It influences not only our body but also our mind, regardless of how sensitive our reaction is. Everyone is affected, and the impacts vary greatly for each individual.


In our journey through life, we have experienced a lot. There have been many happy moments, but also numerous dramatic situations that we have overcome. Looking back, our story could fill the content of several lifetimes, and we consider ourselves lucky to be alive.


While conventional medicine and science failed us, and politics neglected to educate people, here we stand as a couple, to explain that fresh air in buildings is essential. We aim to report how improperly ventilated spaces can cause unnoticed illnesses and even impair the mind.


To avoid constantly talking about air, we limit ourselves here to sharing our story. However, always bear in mind that everything we report, no matter how unusual it may seem, can be attributed to poor air quality.


While my wife has decided to document everything in a diary format, my approach is different. We are currently in the process of filling our website with content. So, the story of our lives has just begun.


AWP, December 30, 2023