December 27th 2023

I'm not quite sure how to steer towards my topic, but somehow everything seems to fit together. Right now, I'm sitting in Haines City, Florida, enjoying the pleasant 72 degrees and writing my new blog. The subject might seem trivial, but it's starting to dominate my life: It's about air.


I remember sitting with Andreas in a lung doctor's office and reading a quote by Pablo Picasso: "Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up." I nudged Andreas to read it too. He laughed and asked, "When did he live? Did he also have problems with the air?" We laughed. Yes, Pablo Picasso experienced firsthand how hard it is to remain creative as an adult. I know that feeling too well. When your mind is foggy and your thoughts want to soar but can't. It's incredible that it's due to CO2 for me – a component of air that I even exhale myself. And yet, it can paralyze me, make me sick, rob me of the energy to live.


How can I make this understandable, put it into words? I look at the CO2 meter in front of me; it shows 434 ppm. I haven't felt this good in a long time. The words just flow from my fingers into the keyboard. I can write as fast as I think. It's incredible. Why didn't anyone take pictures, do tests, or make recordings? Why can't I show anyone how big the difference is?


The air here in Haines City is fine. But why not at our home? What's different in Calmbach? Why do I get sick in a health resort? Why are so many people dying there? Why do so many have cancer? My thoughts are racing. And now I'm thinking that you, my dear diary, don't know so much about me. How can I show you the past, tell you about me? Will you have enough patience with me? I hope so.